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Alotta Brownies is in the business of creating fun, fresh, fancy, tasty desserts. On top of the sweet delicious items that fill our display cases are our selection of fresh baked breads and rolls. Start your day with a huge cinnamon roll or stop by and have a sandwich made with bread that we baked that day. Forget about your diet for a minute. Indulge yourself; give yourself a real reason to workout for that extra hour. It will be worth it. Having sweet, delectable, insanely delicious treats is a reason to wake up each morning and is like the frosting on the cake of your day. Our belief is that all things in moderation is a good thing and we truly try to bring a balance of foods that are both good for you as well as some treats that make life so worthwhile.

Choosing the Perfect Dessert for
the Perfect Occasion or Event!

Whatever the event is i can help you design the perfect dessert for your occasion. whether it is a birthday, graduation or anniversary party we can come up with a range of different ideas to fit your style and needs.

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